‘Big Fish’—The Art of Living BIG

Big Fish

Once upon a time, Belief had a son named Disbelief. Needless to say, father and son had little in common and even less to say to each other as time went by. Only when Belief finally admitted to not knowing ‘the End’ was a bridge built that united the two.

I watched Big Fish again, loving the adventure, loving the journey, loving the tortured relationship between parent and child—and, of course, loving the score by Danny Elfman. He is one of the composers who made me fall madly and hopelessly in love with film music, which eventually caused me to pack my Honda Civic and drive from Arizona to Southern California to begin my own grand adventure of film composing.

To me, ‘Big Fish’ exemplifies magical realism. And it teaches me a number of things:

Courage is BIG! The recurring message in so many of the father’s stories is this: feel the fear and do it anyway. And life can be big. HUGE. Bigger than we ever could have imagined.

Magic is EVERYWHERE! And it’s all in how we look at things. What is real and what is magic? Really. It’s all magic if that’s the lens we choose to see things through. And everyone is magical then, too. We are all extraordinary, larger-than-life people, whether we are taping into our ultimate potential at the moment or not.

Love is Everything Love is EVERYTHING! Oh, multifaceted love. Sometimes complicated. Sometimes simple. Sometimes romantic. Sometimes accepting. Sometimes love is simply compassion and empathy for all our fellow inhabitants of this earth.

The journey is DELICIOUS! It is in the journey, not the arriving that our pleasure lies.   Sometimes we arrive at a destination too early. Sometimes too late. But really it’s not about arriving at all. It’s about our zest for the journey. For the grand adventure.

The meaning is WHAT WE SAY IT IS! Sometimes things have meaning because we assign them meaning. In fact, we can decide what the meaning is. So where one person sees a butterfly, another may see a fairy. Where one sees an ordinary man who tells ‘tall tales’ another sees a ‘Big Fish’.


Tim Burton’s ‘Big Fish’ is based on the book by the same title by Daniel Wallace.  For more about the film’s cast, crew and producers visit IMDb.


I am a film composer, Sundance Fellow and a writer. I love all things fantasy, fairy (tales and music). To listen to my music, visit my SoundCloud page.

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On the wings of art – from the streets of Russia to the magical island of Maui

Anticipation Of A Night's Shelter by Vladimir Kush

From working in the streets of Russia to support his family, then a small, rented home garage in Los Angeles to his pieces being snapped up by Bill Gates, Vladmir’s story is inspirational as it is magical. Just like his work!

He is one of my favorite artists and his “Arrival Of The Flower Ship” is one of my all time favorites, which I’m sure will inspire a body of songs from me at some point.

Visit his website here and discover his social platforms and loads more about this surrealist artist’s incredible work.



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Love Is Everywhere

broadwater 1:17:15

I’m writing to you this morning, looking out the window of my new office. People on the street below are doing their thing. And it occurs to me that love is everywhere.

There’s a fit young woman stretching out her arms and legs before she goes for a run. She loves her body enough to do that. There’s a dad preparing his stroller and gently lowering his tiny baby into a soft spot there prepared with love and attention. Love IS attention anyway, right?

There are other folks strolling around with coffees in hand, lingering to look out at the water. They certainly don’t look unhappy. In fact, like me, they me be a little in love with these beautiful surroundings.

On a nearby sand bar a flotilla of pelicans, as I like to think of them, have come to shore to gather together and perhaps plan the day’s activities. They’re the big Australian type of pelicans – almost pterodactyl  in proportion and striking with their black and white plumage. One by one they’re taking flight now. I imagine one must love to fly, and love the sky, in order to be so at one with it to be able to fly like that. No struggle, just a flap or two into the balmy air and they move from one earthbound world to the next. The airy realm of angels.

Out on the water happy fisherman cruise by in tinnies and runabouts. Paddle-boarders glide by just like those little painted people in the Vladimir Kush paintings that I love. They look down at the glistening water and out at the near cloudless sky, relaxed in its blue arms. They don’t even need to know it but they are loved by the natural world and the universe that created all of this.

We are lucky to be here. I hope you, too, are able to breathe in, with all your senses, the world around you today. It may be very different to the one I find myself in this morning. Yet I’m sure it’s full of the magic of reality if you look for it. Look for love and magic. You’ll see it. And know it’s yours



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Emotional IQ & Inspiring Art With Fine Artist, Kevin Sloan

Prometheus’ Regret by Kevin Sloan

Prometheus’ Regret by Kevin Sloan

If you love abstract or magical realist art you’ll love my inspiring interview with contemporary allegorical realist painter, Kevin Sloan. I love Kevin’s enlightened view of the world and his tips about creating enchantment, mystery and joy!


Fiona: Your lovely web site mentions that at the core of your work is a deep concern and respect for our planet, particularly it’s “silent inhabitants” – the animals and plants we share this world with. Where did your interest in and passion for our natural world come from?

Kevin Sloan: It may have started as child. I spent a lot of time outside as a kid, playing and day dreaming in a semi-undeveloped area near our house. I could see plants go though the cycle of the season in a wild environment, play in a small stream and see birds and bugs going about their business. I always felt more safe in nature than around people as a kid so I think I also equate the natural world with a feeling of familiarity and safety.

Fiona: Your work is informed by early natural history artists from the “Age Of Discovery”, when artists painstakingly illustrated the newly discovered natural world. I love how you combine an aesthetic from that time with symbolism of the modern world and today’s society as well as what feels to me to be a psychological commentary. Am I connecting the dots in the right way there?

Kevin Sloan: I agree. I think whenever two very discordant things are placed together there exists the possibility of a new kind of narrative. In other words, the juxtaposition of an animal interacting with an electrical cord create the possibility of some kind of story and it may take the form of a personal or emotional one. What does it feel like to be a natural, organic being and have to interact with technology so intimately? What does that do to our psyche over time? Or, what does this juxtaposition symbolize personally – does that interaction feel entrapping, or is it an elegant dance, a part of the new technological era we live in?

Fiona: Do you think our “new world” that we are discovering and documenting now could be a spiritual and psychological one?

Kevin Sloan: I certainly hope so! I think that we often don’t realize the new spiritual and psychological insights we are making until after we have been going down that road for a while. Changes like these are more subtle and deep and are not always apparent at first. We are quick to recognize and embrace changes in technology or other external influences but matters of the soul take more time.

Fiona: I love that unlike those natural history artists from the 1700’s to 1900’s you are freed from the need to describe for science. So when you describe the natural world and our interaction with it (in your art) through an allegorical, social or political lens, where does that impulse begin? Is it a question you have or an issue you have been contemplating that leads you to creating of a new painting?

Kevin Sloan: The work of the past few years have dealt with a fairly simple theme, what happens when the natural world interacts with the modern, technological world? This painted answers to this question take many forms in my work. A bird may be entangled with a serpentine, orange extension cord. In another piece, a forlorn penguin stands on a beach looking down at an orange, vintage teacups balanced preciously on his head. While both very different images, they share the common theme of trying to picture through allegory the challenges facing the natural world in these rapidly changing times.

Fiona: What is it about allegory and how it relates to surrealist art, in particular, that’s such a powerful tool in communicating ideas and emotions?

Kevin Sloan: Allegory and surrealist art allow the narrative being described to become more open ended, more like poetry than prose for example. It allows the viewer to participate more intimately in the experience by letting them project their own emotional responses onto the artwork. In doing so the artwork becomes a living conversation between the art, the artist and the viewer. Or at least that is possible!

Fiona: I recently purchased “It’s Time”, one of your limited edition prints, and love how I am able to perceive my own messages in the symbolism of the piece. It’s been really interesting to see how others react to it as well. What were you thinking about in creating that piece?

"It's Time" by Kevin Sloan

“It’s Time” by Kevin Sloan

Kevin Sloan: One idea I was working with in that piece is the idea of time standing still, passing quickly by or some place in between those extremes. The rabbit for me symbolizes frenetic, nervous energy. He sits upon the turtle which for me represents grounded, slow, steady energy. When they are placed together those two energies create balance. They have arrived at the scene where a clock is presented and they are viewing the time – it’s just the right time, not too soon, not too late.

Fiona: Allowing others to draw their own conclusions from my work as a songwriter is something relatively new to me and I think it’s something artists may do particularly gracefully. How do you feel about the numerous ways people may perceive your work? Do you ever feel the need to convey one unmistakable message or are you ok with keeping it open to interpretation?

Kevin Sloan: I encourage all viewers of my work to bring their own interpretations to the work. I’m often delighted to hear the things people will say the work represents to them – often times things I never would have thought of! In this way, my hope is that the images will have meaning over time, far past my time and culture. Hopefully the images are timeless and archetypal enough to resonate to people from many different cultures and times.

Fiona: To me you seem like an incredibly articulate guy with a high emotional I.Q and could have contributed greatly to the world with anything you pursued. What inspired you to become an artist and study fine art, in particular?

Kevin Sloan: I believe we all have an innate need to be heard and in some small or large way express how we see the world. For me making pictures started to feel very good and natural in my early teens. Back then, I studied and made art because I just felt better when I made things! Anything – paintings, drawing, pottery, jewelry, etc., I liked it all. I still feel better when I make art however the desire is much deeper now. That early joy I felt has now revealed a personal visual language I continue to explore and use to express my feelings about being alive in this crazy, magnificent world.

Fiona: It seems to me that as an artist with your perspective and interests you are well equipped to create an enchanted life for yourself and others. Do you have any tips for our readers as to how they might create a little enchantment in their own lives?

Enchantment, mystery, joy – it’s all out there just waiting to be noticed. In the very fast and cluttered world we live in it’s sometimes difficult to notice, but it’s all there. For me, I have to consciously remember to slow down, breathe a little more deeply and slowly and just look. Driving to and from my studio each day has it’s challenges – most commutes do. However, I am always amazed at the quirky, unexpected and often beautiful things I see as I sit with all the others in traffic. The phone is not used, I accept that we’re moving at a snail’s pace and there’s nothing I can do about it and I just start looking around. Sometimes all I get is a giant swath of brilliant, blue sky but that’s enough! This awareness makes the “background” world come to the foreground for just a moment and in doing so it’s all new and alive again.


To learn more about Kevin’s amazing work please visit kevinsloan.com

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Create An Enchanted Life blog author, Fiona Kernaghan.

Create An Enchanted   Life blog author, Fiona Kernaghan.

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Talking To My Creators

For more about this image visit Guardian Angels Children's page.

For more about this image visit Guardian Angels Children’s page.

The last couple of months I’ve hit a patch of un-forseen turbulence. The kind that makes you question previously held beliefs and inspires huge changes and shifts in consciousness. Like a bird in a storm, I’ve found my way back to one of my “homes”, and my parent’s place.

It’s semi tropical and quiet here. Native birds wake me in the morning with their weird, warbled songs and the ocean breeze is balmy and salty. This “working holiday” I find myself on has created the opportunity for me to connect with my family again. After the better part of twenty years far away from them, that’s really something to be treasured. Us all being adults now, I find the quality of our communication is different. A lot clearer, more honest and we are all wiser for the years.

One of the things that strikes me about my family is the strength of mum and dad’s unity. They are no June and Ward Cleaver let me tell you, but there is a passion, and a vision they share for their children that connects them. I was just telling them last night, if the only thing they ever achieved in life was creating a family that still love each other and are here for each other no matter what, then they have triumphed.

Thinking about love (which, as a spiritually inclined songwriter I do a lot), I wonder if love may be the ultimate expression of “magical realism”. Can we be magical in the midst of reality?

Don’t interpret what I’m about to say as that I have my folks on an unrealistic pedestal. I know they are only human like all of us, but it occurred to me that talking with your parents, (if you have the kind of relationship where you can talk and they do not judge) is similar to talking to God. They know where you came from, they love you with enough patience to let you make your own mistakes yet they want nothing but the best for you.

I believe that’s what God, our Angels and all the unseen forces watching over us want for all of humanity, and you, dear reader. So my thought for this week’s blog post is simply a little encouragement – to let yourself be loved in that way as you move through this beautiful world of ours. And to love that way as well yourself. It will dissipate struggle, bring beauty into focus and yes, Create An Enchanted Life!




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Magical Realism And Music


For more about this image and artist visit Ferelwing on Deviant Art. http://ferelwing.deviantart.com/art/Magical-Music-113179180

Lately I’ve been thinking about the connection between Magical Realism and music. Is there one? And if so, how does that work?

What if music is the “magic” in our reality? I think it is. Few mediums have the power to instantly transport us to another time and place, perhaps even an imagined dimension with just the stroke of a few piano keys or the ringing of a guitar chord. Then there are staggeringly beautiful symphonic pieces, too, that build whole worlds as the music ebbs and flows.

All of this happens because a conversation – or story – is unfolding between the composer, the perfumer and the listener. That is an exquisite and always unique thing, as no two listeners perceive the same music in the same way. There are times you yourself must have perceived music or a song in one way when you first heard it, and then later, upon hearing it again, you might have heard all kinds of other things in it, or perceived it in completely different way. I know Tim Finn’s Try Whistling This album was like that for me!

Taking this concept a step further, it’s interesting to think about concept albums and the stories they convey. They may provide a more specific journey on which the listener is taken, and are therefore less open to interpretation, yet the journey can be incredibly memorable, and powerful. Take Pink Floyd’s The Wall, for example. My husband and I listened to that album in its entirety one night a few months ago. Those songs create atmospheres and scenes that are now indelibly written in my imagination. I came away from that listening with renewed empathy for any artist’s bid at self expression, as well as the bittersweet struggle that exists between generations – mothers and sons, in particular – and a fresh mistrust of our very human, tribal tendency to conform.

I continure to consider this relationship between composer, performer and listener as I write new songs with as yet unknowable destinies. I’m compelled to tell the stories of new characters who have moved into my imagination and insist on speaking through me. One such story and series of songs involves the animation of shall we say for now, and to avoid giving too much away, a figurine, who longs for a different life as she bears witness to many dark deeds enacted by human kind. These songs, which are forming into a concept album’s worth of material, require the listener to just go with it as the main character reincarnates, changes form and switches from animate to inanimate and back again. That transformation is not intended to be the surprising element in the story I’m writing and singing –and that feels very much like Magical Realism, to me.

I’m interested to see where this interplay of genres, creative mediums and devices takes me. And I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to explore this. I hope I get to share the fruits of my magically inclined labors with you. We have a very full recording schedule as it is. (If you know it, imagine scenes from the children’s story about the magic pot that wouldn’t stop cooking porridge, and the porridge fills the kitchen and village streets, it won’t stop flowing! Songs, for me, a quite like that!)

But back to the point, yes I hope I get to record these songs that are some of the most unusual of my career… I have no idea how I shall describe what this project is to people, (although maybe I just did!) and I imagine these songs will not be destined to be hit singles on the radio, but in this age of musical de-classification and artistic upheaval, what does it matter? I trust the muse and have faith that the EP or album will find the right listeners. The ones apart from the flock, unafraid of the dark, with minds open enough to let magic in!

How about you? What do you think about the possible connection between Magical Realism and music? Does music have a magical effect on you? If so, I’d love to hear about it!


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Wanna swim in an underwater park?


Just a short post this week to share a portal to enchantment you might not believe, it’s so amazing! When I first saw these pics I thought they were photo shopped art but this is an actual lake formed every year by melting ice in Austria. Imagine being able to swim through this dreamlike setting! Have you ever experienced anything like this?



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Why I Believe In Fairies



I never had much time for fairies. Even as a child, Disney’s Tinker Bell and co. struck me as overly twee. Lady Cottington’s squished fairies of the alt rock era were amusing but spindly and well, dead… But then I discovered the work of Lady Gregory and William Butler Yeats and began to realize fairies were a part of Ireland’s deeply rooted history and national psyche – and to the Irish, those little fairy buggers were often enchanters and criminals. Ok, now you’ve got my attention.

I stashed that titillating realization somewhere in the back of my mind and turned my focus to seemingly more important “real world” things. Now all these years later I’ve been pleasantly drawn back into the world of fae. The renewed attraction was sparked by my composer friend (and guest author here at Create An Enchanted Life), Kristen Baum. Kristen loves everything fairy and even adorns her writing room with fairy paraphernalia. A few years ago she and I began work on a musical set in a place between worlds and populated by troublesome fairies. Over time that project has taken on various identities and now it has truly found itself and is blooming ferociously for us, demanding to exist in a new medium that I, unfortunately, cannot reveal too much about just yet.

I can say it is magical. And it is real. That’s why I’m writing about it here on my blog that celebrates Magical Realism and its many faces. Spending time in a magical world of my own creation opens my mind in the coolest way. I love the feeling I have when writing, or bouncing ideas around with Kristen, that anything can happen. I’m sure I’m also liberating latent parts of my own psyche and giving them voice. That must be healthy. Also, keeping in mind the traditionally playful nature of fairies is helping me lighten up. Yes, I can get a bit serious. Blame it on my Virgo rising. The up-shot is that the world we’re creating is one I want to return to again and again. It exists, and is just as real in my imagination (and now in Word docs), as the physical world I live and breathe in.

It’s satisfying to think that my initial attraction to the other-worldly works of writers like William Blake and W.B Yeats now makes even more sense, how it was all totally relevant and, perhaps, meant to lead me here. Working with similar subject matter in my realm of Fae feels similar to drawing on early childhood experiences that formed the bedrock of my identity –  the themes at play are that intricately woven into my consciousness and way of seeing the world.

I’m interested in fairies that beckon us beyond folklore. Fairies among us now. And the “fairy” in each of us. I don’t think that puts me on the brink of becoming that crazy cat lady in the ramshackle house on the corner. I’d probably like her a lot any way, and ask her over for afternoon tea. But back to the fairy-dusted point at hand. Contemplating all of this, I’m reminded of the nature of existence, and how, creatively, we get to choose what exists and what does not. That’s a concept echoed in quantum physics which can prove that, on a sub-atomic level, particles are brought into existence by the power of attention. They did not exist until looked for.

The so called “real world” is an often distorted sliver of a greater reality. Beings that humans think of as imaginary or mythological truly do exist. Long ago I took to heart a conversation about that very thing. It is a conversation documented in Paramahansa Yogananda’s timeless “Autobiography of a Yogi”, in which he describes being visited by his beloved, recently deceased guru, Sri Yuktseswar (in a simple hotel room of all places). His guru explained some of what the departed are given awareness of, and what indeed exists just out of reach of most of the living’s cognitive powers. Sri Yukteswar assured Yogananda that angels, unicorns, fairies, elementals and many other mystical creatures all exist. My heart leapt at that.

For reasons too numerous to go into in this post today, I trust those couple of Indian seers who were rockin’ it for the greater good in the early part of last century. Their thumbs up, and my own intuition, is all the confirmation I need. So when I’m thinking about fairies and the like I don’t necessarily feel I’m being all that whimsical at all. As sure as I believe in the sun and moon and the verdant earth under my feet, I believe in fairies. How about you?



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Creating Yourself



“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw.


I heard the founder of Wired Magazine, Kevin Kelly, reiterate that the other day, and it really struck a chord. You know, like when you just know something’s true?

People have told me I’m a seeker. It didn’t sit that well with me. I know now that’s because I was not so much seeking as creating. One of my early acts of creation involved moving alone to Manhattan to absorb as much art and music as I could. I wanted to see what would become of me. It was becoming in every sense of the word.

We all do that with the choices we make. From the friendships we keep to where we choose to live and the kind of work we do. Those, and the small, ritualistic things we do every day, add up over time to create your life experience, and the totality of you.

The exciting thing about all of this is we get a fresh shot at self creation ever day. Being a morning person, my husband excels at this. He embraces the clean slate offered up every day and uses it as an opportunity to set an example of the kind of person he wants to be. He wants to be fit, focused and calm, so every morning he cooks himself a low cal, nutrient rich breakfast (I’m usually still dreaming), then he does a little yoga and meditates before heading to the gym. It sets up his day in a productive way, and by noon he’s already reinforced and expressed a lot about the kind of person he wants to be.

Then there is the all important internal quest: how we choose to feel about things. I think that can have the greatest impact of all on self creation and in determining how much you enjoyed your time here on Earth in our cosmic dance. Choosing how to feel is no mean feat. Sometimes perspective helps nudge you in the right direction. If Nelson Mandela can forgive his persecutors, you could probably forgive yourself for a few faux pas, right? If Mahatma Gandhi can choose tolerance in the face of injustice and violence, you could probably choose a smidge of calm rather than frustration while you’re stuck in the familiar grip of gridlock, right?

For me, it’s how I “frame” or see things that makes a huge difference. Depending on how I look at the job at hand, I can be overwhelmed to the point of paralysis or smile in the face of the unknown as I trek toward a new mountain top. Ashley Scott Meyers, a screenwriter and coach I like, mentioned in one of his early podcasts, “there’s no downside to writing”, and went on to explain how time spent perfecting your couch potato skills wouldn’t add up to much or contribute in a meaningful way to quality of life. Whereas in sitting down to write, you may actually be getting somewhere – somewhere you really wanna be.

If you’re not sure where you wanna be or quite what you want, clues are everywhere. I love how Magical Realism breaks the pattern of normalcy and shows us paths to other realities. It says there’s more on the menu than maybe you realized. The juxtaposition of opposing themes, the possible with the impossible in a surrealist painting, for example, might be all you need to remind your subconscious, as it ruminates, that harmony can still exist. Solutions may be close to hand, if the information was to be re-arranged. Or maybe you’re madly attracted to winged warriors and werewolves right now. That may be your inner warrior tapping you on the shoulder, calling you out to a fresh battle. Shield up, and raise that flag of passion high, my friend.

In filling the world with your attitudes, words, music, images and stories they all tell, you’re creating your life – and yourself. Choose wisely, and with love, for as no being exists independent of others, you will affect us all.





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Accepting Your Uniqueness


I’ve loved True Blood – HBO’s carnival ride of a series crammed with magically inclined characters. From a cross dressing, spirit hosting short order cook to overly loyal werewolves, cage fighting shape shifters and sexy, complex vampires with a sense of humor, it’s been an urban fantasy feast, and often just good, old fashioned fun.

I’ve always felt that although most of True Blood’s characters express some initial shock when someone reveals their true nature, magical powers or what not, the story does nevertheless fit into the Magical Realism realm, because those aforementioned otherworldly powers and beings are usually accepted so quickly and absorbed into the every day reality of Bon Temps, the small, southern town in which the story is, in most part, set.

In the midst of all of the show’s juicy mayhem, it’s the emotional journey of its lead character, Sookie Stackhouse, that has struck me as the most relatable. She’s basically a waitress who discovers she is a fairy. And not just an any ordinary fairy. Sookie’s a fairy princess from an ancient, royal fairy bloodline and she possesses numerous powers, including  the ability to channel her light into a “super nova” like ball of energy that, upon explosion, can kill any vampire within range. It’s a perfect complication, given she’s in love with a vampire.

Anyway, in last night’s conclusion to the series Sookie’s on again off again vampire lover asks her to euthanize him. To put him out of his immortal misery and in doing so free Sookie from a life (with him) that’s less than she deserves. I thought it was a beautifully photographed sequence of scenes.

Imagine a lamplit civil war era cemetery and an open grave and simple wooden coffin in which vampire Bill lies waiting to be killed (again). Petite Sookie, in a black lace cocktail dress of course, stands above the open grave contemplating using her fairy ball of light to do the job. She’d be using up the last of her fairy powers to do so, and would then become a normal human – what she thought she’d always wanted. She chooses not to. She realizes her fairy-nes is a natural part of her. This is who she is. She finds she is grateful for it and, at last, accepts her fairy-ness.

Then she effortlessly snaps a shovel in half, climbs down into the grave, straddles vampire Bill in his coffin and stakes him in the heart. It’s a poignant blood fest and she walks away into the misty night with Spanish Moss and new found dignity hanging in the air.

Sookie accepting her uniqueness reminded me a lot of the choices we make here in the real world. It’s not just for characters dreamed up in an author’s imagination or come to life through a director’s vision. There’s some kind of magic in all of us. And it’s there from the start. We all come from seemingly impossible beginnings. An egg fertilized against ridiculous odds, carried into being by the force of nature that allows us to grow, unseen and despite storms raging out there in the lit, waiting world. And then here we are, a living breathing, perambulating ship of skin and bones and infinite possibilities. Science may trace the journey but the impetus behind it is still unknowable. You might as well call it magic.

Your bag of tricks is unique to you. You might be a phenomenal kisser, you might design buildings and cities to inspire the world and shelter whole generations, you might be a messenger, a harbinger of hope, you might be one wise enough to follow – adding your energy to critical mass, you might be figuring it all out as you go. Either way, let’s take a leaf out of Sookie’s book. Let’s stay weird. And wonderful. I have a positive psychologist film maker friend who might call it “north of  normal”. The world won’t fall apart. More likely it’ll open up.

Where are you going and what are you doing with your fairy magic? I wish you well, and I’d love to know!..



HBO’s True Blood is based on the “Sookie Stackhouse” books by Charlaine Harris. 




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I'm a singer songwriter into freedom and consciousness. My music is available worldwide on iTunes and Amazon.

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